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Last few days of Decemeber...heh.

Well,with a few days left in December (and the year), something did manage to happen...

I had worked it out a week or so ago with my boss that I would work a doube shift on New Year's Day (which I normally have off),in order to get the Monday and Tuesday after off as Floating Holidays to be able to go out to Columbus this weekend for Kat's birthday (which I had been planning to do since I told her I wouldn't be able to make New Year's). She made my last birthday such a wonderful one despite things I had going on that were bad.

Well,I was told yesterday by my boss that I could now only have Monday off due to scheduling error but they were still having me do the double tomorrow. I figured okay,shitty,but I could make due. Well,turns out Kat has to work Saturday and on her B-Day too. So it turns out that going out there isn't a feasable idea. Yeah,it sucks,and is very unhappy making... but what made it total shit was trying to talk to my boss today to tell him I didn't need the Monday off and see if I could get out of working tomorrow. Well,he was happy to take my day off away...

...And I'm still working a fucking double shift tomorrow.

So here I am,a responsible human being. At home,doing nothing for fucking New Year's. Gotta be to work between 7 and 8 (Boss wants me there at 7). Not gonna drink because if I do I'll go purposely overboard. No plans for the weekend.

And people said December would be a better month for me after November. Oh,and to stack it all up? Home owner's insurance won't cover the loss of my stuff last week. Battin' a fuckin' thousand,ain't I?

Got a line from a song I heard on the radio today. "I was lookin' foward to a happy ending,so much for pretending."

I really hope you all have a wonderful New Year's. Drink a few for me...
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